No More Web Site Errors!

Have you ever seen any of these screens in your browser?

This happens because the registered domain either has no DNS or it is incorrectly configured. Also this can be caused by the pointer to a valid Website or IP Address having no web service.

Another example is the non-existent domain...

This would be the result of a inputting a domain such as "" into your browser. This also happens when a valid domain registered such as "Google" is not configured to handle aliases properly. Try to view "" or "" for example, and you would get the same error message.

More and more we are starting to see aliases used to setup new websites or separate projects from the parent domain name, but in general most people are still registering new domain names to accommodate new projects or Website expansions.

Or you get these types of annoying "Parked Pages"...

When domains are hosted with Alias Brokers... ALL OF THESE ERRORS ARE ELIMINATED!

*See FAQ for more details.

Turn-Key Solutions

We also provide value-added products and services through our Website, which will help you establish your web identity with ease. Some of these value-added products and services are:

  • Discount Domain Registration
  • Managed Domain Name Services
  • Virtual & Dedicated Hosting
  • Alias Leasing & Management
  • Cloud Storage & Remote Backups
  • Domain Auction & Reservation
  • Fax, SMS & E-mail Services
  • SSL Certificates (Single & UCC)
  • Free marketing resources & tools


Domain Name - Why You Need It?
A domain name is a given word, or a couple of words, associated with a unique Internet IP address. You need one to lead the visitors to your online site in the biggest society in the world - the World Wide Web. What's more, people can easily remember the domain name and visit the Website it points to at any time as long as they have at their disposal a PC and connection to the Internet.

What Tld To Choose For Your Domain Name?
TLD is the abbreviation for "top-level domain" and SLD is the abbreviation for "second-level domain". For example, in the domain name, the TLD is .com and the SLD is my-best-domain.

The TLDs available at a promotional price with our hosting plans are .com, .net, .org,, .info, .biz, .us,, .eu, .ru, .de, or You can also choose from a variety of other TLDs that are offered at a regular price both on the sign-up page and in the Web Hosting Account Control Panel.

Complete information about the TLDs on offer is available in the domain TLD tables.


Easy to use for beginners, powerful for experts You don't have to be a computer whiz to use Premium Alias Brokers DNS. Our online dashboard makes it easy to manage and make updates to your DNS. If you're an advanced user, you can drill down with more technical features. You can also get 24/7 access to expert support from certified DNS professionals.


We offer various hosting plans to meet everyone needs...

  • Virtual & Shared Hosting

  • Our virtual & shared web hosting services are suitable for absolutely everyone, from novices to technically advanced users. Each AB Hosting all-inclusive web hosting plan offers fast and stable servers, a user-friendly web hosting Control Panel (available in more than 15 languages), as well as a bunch of useful FREE bonuses such as a Free Scripts Installer (blog, CMS, forum, e-commerce, e-learning portal, etc. tools), marketing and website administration tools, just to mention a few.

  • Semi-Dedicated

  • Our cut-rate semi-dedicated web hosting packages will meet the ever expanding server resource requirements of your traffic-consuming sites like corporate portals, online stores, forums, company blogs, etc. No need to worry about slowly loading pages and frequent downtimes due to server overload issues. Now you share the server with just a few users and get at least 3 times higher CPU usage quotas.

    Your semi-dedicated hosting plan is equipped with all the features typical of a shared hosting plan, such as a point & click Control Panel, a Web Apps Installer, a Website Builder, just to mention a few. This services compatibility makes the upgrade from a regular shared hosting plan to a semi-dedicated server truly easy.

  • Dedicated Hosting

  • Our discounted dedicated hosting server packages are for those of you who need total independence in managing their online presence. Each server offers a robust configuration of software and with the ensured root or administrator access, you will be able to install and configure any additional dedicated server hosting software of your choice.

    Running your own dedicated server requires advanced administration skills and knowledge. So if you are not sure how, you can take advantage of our optional managed services, including backup, weekly OS updates, monitoring, server rebooting, custom software installation and troubleshooting operations.


When you can't find the perfect TLD domain and want a premium domain name, then Alias Brokers domain leasing is your answer! Leasing starts at just @ $3 per month and up depending on the domain owners requirements. Keep in mind terms and pricing are negotiable and we will assist in structuring a deal between both parties.

*See FAQ for more details.

Safe & Secure Transactions

We protect both of our clients (clients/domain owners) during each phase of establishing alias leases or purchases, by using a third party escrow service to protect each parties interest. How does it work?

  1. Client and Domain Owner Agree to Contract Terms
  2. Once both parties are registered with Alias Brokers, both parties can agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the product and/or service (i.e. lease agreement), price, number of months or years for the term.

  3. Client Pays Escrow
  4. The client submits an available payment option. Escrow agency verifies the payment. Processing time varies by payment method.

  5. Domain Owner Executes Agreement
  6. Upon payment verification, the domain owner is authorized to execute the agreement and submit to client. Escrow agency verifies that the client receives the domain owners executed agreement.

  7. Client Accepts the Agreement
  8. The client has a set number of days to accept or reject the agreement.

  9. Escrow Agency Releases Payment
  10. Escrow agency pays the domain owner and Alias Brokers by the method selected. The transaction is complete. Recurring payment transactions are managed by Alias Brokers and terms agreed upon.

*See FAQ for more details.

Supports Multiple Browsers

The Alias Brokers platform works with most web browsers including chrome, fire fox, Internet explorer, opera, safari - Apple iPhone and Google Android products. This will allow for you to view your account anytime and from anywhere! If you register with us today, you'll be the first to receive the smart phone applications FREE when they are released!

Questions? Don't Worry

Our friendly customer service team will be ready to offer help. We offer several types of support to accommodate your needs including live telephone, chat, and email support, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm EST, as well as in-app help and 24/7 online support through the website.

Take a look at the FAQ section for answers to top questions.

Industry-leading Security

Full data encryption
Rest assured, Alias Brokers protects accounts and payment information with the highest level of encryption and exceeds industry standards for security.

Account security
The latest anti-fraud protection with 24/7 account monitoring.

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